What are you afraid of? What triggers you?

Don’t let this be you

What are you afraid of? What have you done lately that makes you hesitate to go and try something? What makes you angry? (Anger by the way is the active form of fear. Fear itself is a passive form)

I asked a friend what she was afraid of once and she said she wasn’t afraid of anything. At the time I thought that was very admirable, but also REALLY – You’re afraid of nothing? We see a lot of things in the media portraying women to be these fearless warriors. Heck, they have even revived Wonder Woman who is a real bad ass along with other super heroes like the Black Widow. Maybe this has sunk into my friends psyche that she too needs to give the impression that she is not afraid of anything.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not dissing anyone, especially Wonder Woman! We all have a bit of Wonder Woman inside of us. However, being able to embrace fear in all its forms, is being a true bad ass. By the way, I later discovered my friend was going through a divorce and she clearly did not want to admit to all her Facebook friends that she was afraid of something. Instead, she wanted to give the impression to everyone that she is having a wonderful time, and everything is rosy. When clearly everything inside was crumbling along with her world as she knew it.

Be true to yourself, embrace all the emotions that come up and move through them. How do you do that? Ask your emotions? Okay that may sound a little cray – cray, but it works. For example, if you gave your anger a voice or a microphone what would it say? What would it tell you? When you work on peeling back all the layers of the emotion you will discover at the root is fear. It is a beautiful thing when you can get to the root cause of your emotions, embrace them, thank them from protecting you and then let them go because they do not serve you at this moment in time moving towards the best person you are stepping into.

I celebrate the Wonder Woman inside of you and being true to your feelings.

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